The conference is the 18th edition in a series initiated in Prague in 1993. The aim of the conference is to review experimental and theoretical advances in heavy flavor physics. Scientific program will cover a wide range of research including studies of CP violation and rare decays in beauty and charm hadrons, their (semi)leptonic decays, production of heavy hadrons, spectroscopy of conventional and exotic states, and searches for New Physics effects. New results from LHCb, Belle II and other experiments will be reviewed, as well as upgraded and new experimental facilities.

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  • Giuseppe Bruno, Politecnico and INFN Bari
  • Kai-Feng Chen, National Taiwan University
  • Svjetlana Fajfer, University of Ljubljana and JSI
  • Fernando Ferroni, Università La Sapienza Roma
  • Robert Fleischer (co-chair), Nikhef and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Bostjan Golob, University of Ljubljana and JSI
  • Neville Harnew, University of Oxford
  • Takeo Higuchi, Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo
  • Gudrun Hiller, TU Dortmund
  • Kay Kinoshita, University of Cincinnati
  • Andreas Kronfeld, Fermilab
  • Olivier Leroy, CPPM Marseille
  • Sandro Palestini, CERN
  • Fabrizio Palla, INFN Pisa
  • Jonathan Rosner, University of Chicago
  • Maria Smizanska, Lancaster University
  • Sheldon Stone, Syracuse University
  • Karim Trabelsi, LAL, Orsay
  • Vincenzo Vagnoni, INFN Bologna
  • Guy Wilkinson (co-chair), University of Oxford


  • Svjetlana Fajfer, University of Ljubljana and JSI
  • Bostjan Golob, University of Ljubljana and JSI
  • Jernej Fesel Kamenik, University of Ljubljana and JSI
  • Peter Krizan, University of Ljubljana and JSI


  • CP Violation
  • Spectroscopy
  • Semileptonic decays
  • Heavy Hadron Properties
  • Beyond Standard Model
  • Kaon Physics
  • Heavy Hadron Production
  • Rare Decays
  • Charm Physics
  • New and Upgraded Facilities